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All About Us

Artistic Origins

Ever wished you could stare at Van Gogh's Starry Night without being pushed by the crowds? Want to have coffee next to Warhol’s Marilyn? Our Online Art Store gives you an easy access to the work of hundreds of artists - classic, established, and emerging. You can browse our gallery by style, genre, or artist - with all our pieces guaranteed to be of the highest standard. Find your favorite artwork with Korowai Kakahu Designs Ltd today.

Professional Staff

A Family of Art Lovers

Korowai Kakahu Designs Ltd attracts the most knowledgeable and creative experts in the industry. Our team members live and breathe art, and will strive to provide you with the ultimate Online Art Store experience. No matter if you’re after a piece from a traditional collection or a rare modern art masterpiece, our specialists will be hard at work finding the right match for you. Get in touch today for a session with one of our advisors.

Young Businessman

River Watts


River Watts has served as the company’s Curator since 2000. Passionate about service and innovation, River Watts believes that providing a cutting edge Online Art Store serves the entire artistic community—artists and art lovers alike. River Watts works closely with our partners and clients to ensure an enjoyable and satisfactory experience.

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Young Woman with Curly Hair

Jesse Neimus

Business Development Manager

From the moment they could draw with crayons, Jesse Neimus knew their life would revolve around art and design. Since Jesse Neimus joined Korowai Kakahu Designs Ltd as Business Development Manager, our Online Art Store has experienced a fresh injection of creativity and valuable experience. A true art lover, Jesse Neimus strives to share their passion and help connect beautiful pieces with happy new owners.

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Woman Artist

Morgan James

Creative Director

As an experienced Creative Director, Morgan James is dedicated to sharing their passion for art and technology. An expert in their field, Morgan James spares no effort to support our clients as they explore and discover their favorite art. Morgan James is always happy to harness their knowledge and expertise to the benefit of others.

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